"A bad review didn’t stop me from doing another show and it didn’t crush my dreams... instead it fuelled me to express my voice even more."

About Justine Warrington – actor, writer, producer

JustineWarringtonComedyJustine is an award-winning actress, writer & filmmaker whose projects have screened at festivals around the world.  Her original live show “The Oblivion Series: A Not So Girlie Show” has toured Fringe festivals and premiered in the US at the Stella Adler Theatre, LA.  Her art forms include, but are not limited to: music, stand-up comedy & photography and she is a member of the Cirque du Soliel talent bank.

Earthlickers, her feature film in development, has been called “kinkier than Barbarella” & “Gene Roddenberry meets Monty Python”. Striving to prove His Holiness, the Dalai Lama right that “the world will be saved by the western woman” – Earthlickers  is not just a movie, but a movement: a titillating reminder of divine feminine power and the power of love.  Might sound like hippie shit but it’s just science, baby.  Welcome to the Lickening…

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The Interview

1. What is the force that drives you forward? What fuels your ambition?

I have a hauntingly deep drive to contribute to the human experience in a positive way…I’m not sure why but I do…probably because my Mother is such a wonderful humanitarian.

It comes out in many forms. In my work it comes out through storytelling. The desire for intimacy also drives me.

Currently what fuels my ambition is this film accelerator program I am doing called CineCoup. It’s a development platform for feature films and I have entered my project Earthlickers into it. It’s a non-stop ride where we have to produce content on a weekly basis in order to engage fans and prove our filmmaking savvy.

I am fuelled by creating the the next hilarious and wonderful cult film about space goddesses who use their powers of healing orgasmo love to save humanity.

2. Can you talk about your greatest “failure”? (something that led to your most significant shift in consciousness, and made you who you are today).

Whoa deep questions – nice. I certainly have had feelings of failure in my life – but I can’t point to one event that came crashing down (there are so many, lol!).

I once got a horrible review for a show I did – and bad reviews had, until that moment, been my greatest fear as an artist. Having lived through it, I now see that whole process in a different light. It didn’t stop me from doing another show and it didn’t crush my dreams…instead it fuelled me to express my voice even more.

I realized that all art is not for everyone – some people will love it, some will not, and it really has nothing to do with me. I also count myself in the good company of artists I admire who have come before me and also received scathing reviews. I’ve lived through my worst fear – so moving forward I actually have more confidence than I did before that happened. How’s that for lemonade? 😉

3. Are you happy? What does happiness mean to you?

I am happy. Happiness to me is being healthy and feeling a sense of peace and love in my heart, celebrating this wacky life with people I love, and being able to laugh at the hard stuff that comes along.

4. What do you think is your greatest strength? On the reverse, can you identify a personal challenge (something you currently struggle with)?

My greatest strength is my attitude and my sense of humour.

Life is full of terrible tragedies and loss and somehow I was blessed with a very chill demeanour and ability to find the light in the dark – and that is constantly my saving grace.

Something I currently struggle with (which actually I’ve always struggled with) are feelings of worth. I’m pretty sure that’s just the unfortunate birthright though of being born into a totally f’d up media infested culture obsessed with image and wealth. I try not to take it on, but it’s there.

So then I think of the Dalai Lama who says the world does not need any more successful people, the world needs more lovers and healers… and then I think: “hells yeah…I’m a lover”. 😉

5. When did you first realize that you wanted to be an artist? Can you talk about that moment or time in your life?

That I can remember? Age 4, strumming a guitar that I placed on the floor –  because I didn’t know how to hold it – and writing my first song. It was about a goat going down to the river to get a glass of water and coming back to see how he liked the seeds I was planting.

Those are actually the lyrics.

I remember loving playing that song. Honestly I’ve been playing dress-up and getting people to watch my shows since my earliest days. It was never a choice – it just always was.

6. Habits, routine, morning rituals — What are the positive things you do daily that have had the most significant impact on your life and work?

YOGA. The end.

7. How do you deal with doubt? Where do you go for support?

I ignore doubt now – it’s just a mean voice in your head. Fuggedaboutit. Move forward and laugh at yourself and keep making art.

8. What, in your opinion, are the qualities of someone who is a “great” artist (in whatever discipline)?

Someone who commits whole-heartedly to what they are doing and who enjoys doing it. Of course I appreciate craftsmanship, detail and excellence, but what impresses me most is boldness and creativity that includes a sense of joy.

9. Any advice for artists on a similar path? (Perhaps advice you wish you’d been given when you were first starting out).

Yes! Just get out there and do it – if you have something to express and a medium in which you like doing it – then dive in and have fun and don’t stop. Eventually your unique career path will emerge from it. And don’t judge yourself too harshly along the way. Strive for truth and it will resonate.

10. Could you talk a little bit about your relationship to money? This is a less specific question, but I’m just curious about your thoughts on the topic. Has your relationship to money changed over the years?

I’m currently reading Naomi Klein’s book “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate” – in hopes that I can understand money better.

11. Ever experience flow/being in the zone? What does it feel like for you, and can you tell us about a time when you experienced it?

Oh yes – that is the best feeling. It’s difficult to describe though because when it’s happening it’s really almost an out-of-body experience. Time and space become irrelevant and there is a sense of perfect alignment with all things…being totally present and IN the moment. It happens sometimes when I’m on stage and I don’t think about the lines I’m saying, I’m just part of the experience of the lights, the stage and the audience. Also happens when I’m writing and words just seem to flow out without thinking about them…

12. What is your favourite book? It could be about your craft, or maybe just an excellent story. 

My favourite book right now is “The Quantum Doctor” by Amit Goswami.

It’s a non-fiction book where a quantum physicist explains how and why various energy healing modalities work. Basically dispels the idea that energy work is just “hippie” stuff and roots it in science. It’s opened my eyes and changed how I see the world and how I think about physical and energetic reality. Energy has far more weight to me than physical matter. Sounds a bit funny but it’s true.

I also love the book by Bruce Lipton & Steve Bhaerman called “Spontaneous Evolution.” It’s described as an invitation to participate in the greatest adventure in human history — conscious evolution! That’s totally my jam.

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“Don’t judge yourself too harshly along the way. Strive for truth and it will resonate” – An Interview With Justine Warrington
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