I am an actor and writer, as well as an amateur photographer. I currently reside in Vancouver, B.C. I am originally from Alberta, but have (for the past twenty years) lived mainly in B.C, as well as in Quebec and Ontario.

I fell in love with acting when I was 13yrs old. I took my very first Drama Class and knew that this was where I belonged. Out of high school I pursued theatre training, and was accepted into the Theatre Arts Program at Grant MacEwan Community College in Edmonton. Upon completing the program, I began to work professionally as an actor. However, I still felt that I needed more training as an actor. I was fortunate to be accepted into the English Acting Program at the National Theatre School of Canada, in Montreal. It was an experience of immeasurable growth and I will forever be harvesting the magical seeds which were planted within while there. After graduating from NTS, I worked for a few more years as a professional actor, in Montreal, Ottawa, and then back here in Vancouver. In late 2002 I ceased seeking work as an actor and became absorbed in other creative pursuits. Now, after a somewhat long pause, I am once more seeking out acting work and I am full of excitement for the adventure. Vulnerability? You bet your ass. It’s been over a decade, and there are doubts, for sure. However, the doubts aren’t deep and what’s underneath them is an endless source of enthusiasm, allowing me to face the challenges of both doubt and insecurity without either of them being in control.

Writing is another passion of mine. Like the majority of those who feel compelled to write, I am a voracious reader. I’ve acquired a small personal library over the years, numbering over 1000 volumes. I’ve kept a journal since my last year in high school, and have always loved exploring ideas, thoughts, and visions through the written word. I’m very honoured to be involved in this project and am so eager to engage with my fellow contributors and anyone else who is inspired by what’s shared here.