Kyle Too TallKyle ‘TooTall’ Strauts is a passionate, innovative adventurer. What he is most noted for is his ability to dance, and connect with music. He is proud of his ability to convey musical understanding through dance to people of all ages, as well as the ability to keep it fun and enticing. Kyle has a natural gift for teaching people through physical understanding, and breaking things down. This ability allows him to share in a very adaptive format for all ages, sizes, and learning styles. He loves to teach because he feels that passing on knowledge is a prized possession, and it is his duty to spread this knowledge of dance. Kyle’s style of teaching focuses on engaging the students to move their body; technique is something that follows the understanding of movement. Kyle insists on giving students the inspiration and happiness for movement first, connecting the heart with dancing, and then showing them the ranges of movement, before continuing to stylized moves. As a life long learner Kyle is continuously refining his philosophy and movement ethics, and will do so with longevity.

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