IMG_0897bw (1)Four years ago, on a beautiful spring day in The Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts USA, I was run over by a car while cycling. I had taken a turn too fast and crashed on the pavement: my speed and trajectory subsequently skidding me on my back and across the road under the wheels of a shiny red BMW. At the time I was in the midst of rather serious triathlon training, where—not unrealistically—my aspirations were Olympic. However, even in the split second before my body became a bump, I was able to manage some lucidity: “Oh good, now I can be an actor, ” I thought.

The story is a bit ridiculous, but true. Injuries sustained gave me the break in my monastic athletic routine to self-assess and finally summon the courage to tackle the path for which I thought I was most suited: acting. Now I’m in the United Kingdom pursuing my Master’s of Fine Arts at East 15. It’s been a long road, with far more bumps than the original, but I feel this new trajectory inevitable and appropriate. I’m happy to share my stories and hope my perspective productive for whoever reads.

In my undergrad at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, I studied English and Journalism, so I spend a lot of time writing. I also play guitar and am the brother to seven siblings. Mostly, I believe in story, and the wonder created through art… that it motivates us to dream, grow and connect. That’s why I am attempting this path: that I believe it meaningful, enjoyable when done well, and that with enough work I may be able to do it well enough, often enough. As far as athletics, I still have the mind of an athlete and despite doctors who said I would never run or bike again, I am as healthy as ever. Here’s to forward.