Sam PictureI’m an actor originally from Canada, but currently living in London, England. I’m pursuing my Masters in Fine Arts at East 15 Acting School.

Before crossing the ocean, I worked in New Brunswick, getting involved with as many theatre companies as I could. I managed to delve into Shakespeare, become part of new scripts that then toured to Vancouver and Toronto, and work on a couple of films as well. Fredericton, for those of you who haven’t been, is a small city, but the arts community there is overwhelmingly large and welcoming. I was so encouraged to follow my creative instincts that I abandoned my plan to become a Journalist and ran to the UK to get some training. I have absolutely no regrets.

Writing is my second passion (hence the journalism). I mainly write for myself, but one day I’m hoping to find the courage to share my machinations with the public. I love to dance and take long walks. My ideal Sunday is as simple as sitting with a cup of coffee and good book. Any book will do, from romance to crime to comic books! I’m the same with music; anything will do… except rap. I just never got into rap.

My philosophy is to love all, trust few, do wrong to none, and above all, just keep on smiling.

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