What excites me most about being apart of this project is it’s intended purpose:

“A mastermind group is designed to help you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others.”

I love the idea of sharing experiences with, and giving support to, others who are also pursuing a life as an artist. It’s long been apparent to me that being able to genuinely communicate with others who “resonate on the same frequency”, brings immeasurable rewards. When challenges come it’s encouraging to know that there are other perspectives on the situation which can shed light upon an aspect of it which was previously unseen by you. I know that for myself, learning from the experiences of others is always beneficial, and hopefully I’ll be able to offer unique insights to the group based on my own experiences of pursuing artistic goals and the challenges which inevitably arise while in pursuit.

I love what I do because being an artist allows my life to be centred in play, creativity, and imagination. In my experience so far, nothing else on earth, except Love, is worth living for. I’ve been alive for over 40yrs and have lived in Canada my entire life, and it is blatantly apparent to me that the majority of people in our society do not lead lives centred within these 3 characteristics of existence. In my view, play, creativity, and imagination are at the centre of all existence, and a life which is not centred within and resonating with these 3 is one which is unhealthy, lost, and in conflict with itself. Not a state I wish to be in, if I can help it. In so many ways we are conditioned to minimize ( if not eradicate altogether!) these 3 in our daily lives. Or, they are given “special status” and used in a way which encourages them to be used as support for the status quo.

In a world which seems to be moving more and more toward a conformist, conservative, and calcified social contract, I will use what talent & ability I have to resist this cultural drive to a living dead-end. In such a world, play, creativity, and imagination are more vital than ever, and just may be the only hope we have for retaining our sense of the humane as the inhumane continue their horrors over all the earth and all around the clock.



10 Years From Now – Looking Ahead

The ideal scenario, 10 years from now, for me involves an existence in which each day is filled with only artistic and creative activities, which bring me sufficient income to maintain this lifestyle.

More specifically: I would love to be immersed in theatrical work as a director. It’s long been a dream and desire of mine to move more in this direction (*), and I am quite confidant that in 2024 I will be active in this area.

Photography being another passion of mine, I would like to think that in ten years I will have acquired more skill and experience with the camera, enabling me to explore this art form with more depth and complexity.

With regard to writing: I intend to write and stage at least one dramatic text in the next ten years. There are (at least) 3 play-seeds growing & germinating within my imagination which I need to bring to full fruition.

As an actor, the next ten years ought to be quite interesting to say the least. I am finally entering into the age range which, for males, is the prime time for being cast on a, hopefully, consistent basis. Also, I will be pursuing work as a Voice Actor. At least once a week I have a complete stranger tell me: “You should be on the radio.” I’m just beginning to pursue this field, and in ten years I intend to be established in it. Being an actor, of course, is always a gamble no matter what “pluses” you may think give you an edge, but I’m more excited about the opportunities which will come in the next ten years; it will be a decade of high adventure, certain disappointments, and continual discoveries.

(*~pun always intended)


Brendan: I will use what talent & ability I have to resist this cultural drive to a living dead-end.
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It’s been over a decade, and there are doubts, for sure. However, the doubts aren’t deep and what’s underneath them is an endless source of enthusiasm
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