“Ya know, this work that we do can sometimes feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, and you can find yourself having some pretty lonely, scary days. What is really important to remember though, is that you have a community of artists who are all going through a lot of the same challenges you are, and this blog calls attention to that.

I was both incredibly honoured, and also enormously grateful that Christine chose to interview me for the Creative Life interview series. I was right in the middle of one of those lonely, scary days when we sat down to talk, but by the end of our time together, I had regained a sense of faith in myself and my art’s purpose.

Christine, whether she knows it yet or not, is reminding all of us that we do have value, that our place in the cosmos, our piece of the puzzle, is uniquely important. That our voices really do mean something, not just as artists, but as human beings. For me, that reminder has done wonders.”

– Jeff Todd (actor) — READ THE INTERVIEW

“Christine is such a passionate and wonderful individual and it clearly shines through in what she and her team of contributing writers are doing with the blog. And I also want to say how wonderful the response from the article has been. There has been a ridiculous amount of kind words sent my way over the last day and it’s extremely heartwarming to have such supportive and kind people in my life.”

– Alex Coles (filmmaker)  READ THE INTERVIEW

“To see how much care and passion you bring to this project and to your life is inspiring to say the least. I was genuinely moved by some of your responses during the interview. I know that I did most of the talking — far too much, I think! – but your personal connection to the questions allowed me to speak from the heart more easily. Thank you for that.”

– Matthew Kowalchuk (actor, director, writer) — READ THE INTERVIEW


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