Since launching Creative Life in June 2014 I’ve shared over 40 of my conversations with creatives, and over 80 personal stories from creatives in Canada, the USA, and the UK. I spend a significant amount of time every week in maintenance, conversation, transcription, editing, and talking to new writers about the stories they’d like to share.

I also facilitate monthly play dates for Creatives in Vancouver (and would like to facilitate more across North America).

If you’ve found any value, comfort, or warmth in the conversations and stories I’ve shared through the site, please consider making a donation to the site. It is my goal to create a book of these stories. I would be so grateful for your support.

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Christine photoIf you’d be interested in working/collaborating with me, please send me an email at christine (at) creativelifestyleblog (dot) com.

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Christine Bissonnette