Cause and effect.

“It just is”

Words describing a situation. Many situations; happenings, meetings, choices, outcomes.

Whatever it is, whether on its own, or the whole lot of them working together, all lead up to here. Now. And now. Aaaand now. And you. You at the present. You, myself, all so different from 5 years ago, one week prior, an hour prior to you now reading this. I’m not going to get all epistemological here, don’t worry.

All of this stems from the question why am I here (not metaphorically as in life and earth) but in terms of this collaborative that is “The Creative Life Blog” between eight different minds – thrown together. Bam. There it is. Was it one of those seven things? I think its all of them. I do think that everything happens for a reason. Your choice, in a serendipitous encounter. Your choice causes an effect, that changes your life, minutely or profoundly. 

How I Became Involved

The situation was a playwright coming to town, me winning a ticket thanks to social media (humble luck brag/see how everything is connected?), the chance encounter of sitting beside Christine, the founder of this blog, and the choice of striking up a conversation, being present and open. Yep, we all avoid it: Quick, hide behind your phone! Look down. Don’t make eye contact. If you seem distracted, you won’t be obligated to make small talk. Well, I made the choice to have a conversation with Christine, which led to her talking about this very blog, and asking if I’d be interested in having a meeting to discuss the possibility of coming on board. I had the chance. The opportunity to say no. But I didn’t.

The chance to work closely and distantly with artists of the same, or different pursuits, why the heck would I not? To learn from each other’s experiences, journeys, “failures”, personal triumphs. And quite a few emails, and two meetings later, here we are. You’re reading my ramblings.

But think about how different it would be, if I had brushed her off. Or sent that email saying  “Sorry, I can’t meet! Something came up.” times 5 to the point of never actually meeting. Admit it, we’re all guilty of it.

I believe that there are opportunities all around us. Its your job to be open to receiving and prepared for each. So I am here, soaking up all that I can. Because as much as we try to soldier on and make it in life on our own, we need to accept that pride aside, the journey is that much richer with the teachings of others and some inspiring company.

Why I’m An Artist

I love the C.S. Lewis’ quote: “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”

My soul screams for storytelling. It has so much to feel and give. And the depths are far beyond even my knowledge. I love sharing in the human connection. All the different shades of interactions, personalities, feelings, behavior, and mannerisms. Showcasing humanity; the good, the bad, and the ugly. The human condition.

My main medium is acting. I fill my life up with directing, reading, writing, painting, singing, playing guitar. Life experiences. You must. I am here to share the battles. Those moments of what seem to be our lowest points, are our biggest growing hurdles; challenging what is comfortable to us, pushing us beyond our regularity, our own stubbornness. Be grateful of them. They are to be appreciated.

Here, it definitely makes the process easier with the chance to work with seven other creative minds, to listen to their struggles, and their methods to overcome them. To feed off one another’s “creative genius,” as Elizabeth Gilbert so eloquently calls it. That drive, that passion, that voice, that idea, that inspiration. For me it’s a need. A calling that if suffocated, only seems to lead to destruction.

I Have a Dream, of My Perfect Day

From waking up, where I am, to what I drive, to working with those that inspire me most, doing what I love. Goals. From small to large, in different time increments, all specific. They’re all necessary to amount to a whole, for me to be successful. Now, and in ten years time. Everything usually takes almost twice as long as one estimates. My key ingredient: perseverance. And patience, which is definitely one of my greatest qualities to others, but not myself. And thus I am learning. Which is what life is all about.

So, I hope you join me, and us, on each of our journeys. Today, tomorrow, and to where we are striving to be in ten years.

*Photo by Jeremy Jude Lee Photography

Jaylee: On Serendipity and Why Her Soul Screams for Storytelling
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Since I was a kid I’ve found something magnetic in the storytelling process; to delve into another being, learn from them, and share their truth. I’m now pursuing a career in film and television.
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