Kyle Too TallWhat fuels my ambition is the knowledge that dance not only provides satisfaction on a daily basis, but insight into my own growth and well being. The ambition is out of necessity for there is nothing else that moves me in such a way.

My happiest memory is from far back in my childhood, when I used to visit Osoyoos lake, in the interior of B.C.  Sitting with my brothers on the beach putting together a sand castle while my father washed ashore repeatedly in our child size dingy.  That memory reminds me how fleeting moments are, and really brings back the feeling of being a worry less kid.

The most significant paradigm shift in my life happened when I returned from a 5 month journey alone in Southeast Asia.  I burned my calves at the full moon party in Koh Phangan, and decided a journey home was better than a relentless infection. When I returned home many things became more clear, and meditation became a part of my life.  A host of other shifts happened personally and otherwise, but it remains the largest conscious shift.

I believe in Love, Respect, a Positive attitude, and following the feeling that pulls the hardest in your chest.  I am a spiritual person, but I do not abide by any religious sect. I put my heart into making a change in my way.  It has influenced my success immensely because people appreciate sincerity and passion for driving at a personal goal.  I feel that I am as honest as a man can be which finds me success in some avenues, and brick walls in others.

Don’t let anyone’s vision about what you are, what you may be, or where you may go, cloud your focus.  Always hold your passions out of the reach of others, safely on your cloud. Put dedication, education, and love into whatever you do, and find that the world will clear a path for you. Love the people around you, and help others drive for their potential, and the same will be done to you.

There is a certain feeling of loving something so completely that no one word can describe it.  Simply try to imagine enjoying something so extensively, that you could do it every single moment of everyday, and never become tired of it.  I also love to make people think twice about what the human race is capable of, in my case a ‘Giant’ dancing.

Meditation and taking time to be quiet with my mind has been the most important habit I’ve introduced into my life so far. If there is a quality that I think artistically successful people have in common, I think it’s that they all have tasted that love or are following it completely.  They have an invisible drive that both sustains them and drives them forward.

Kyle: On Meditation and The Conscious Shift That Changed His Life
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Kyle 'Too Tall' Strauts

I'm proud of my ability to convey musical understanding through dance to people of all ages, as well as the ability to keep it fun and enticing.