Kyle Too Tall
Photo by Andrew Dodd Clippingdale

This past month has been full of new stimulation.  I have completed my full degree and certification as an educator.

Although this may seem like something to be celebrated, it came with a sense of regress. With all of the degree’s and certifications coupled with my dance talents and outgoing personality, I have yet to find work in this field.  On a more positive note, the woman I have been spending time with is becoming more and more of a keystone in my happiness.  Prior to this I have always put a heavy focus on my school and my passions, whereas I am now finding a whole new sense of opportunity chasing Love.

The month seems to be flying by, and with it one of my favorite memories of the year, Last One Stands 2014.  This dance battle came with over 30 countries representing, and some world level dance experiences.  The pre-party event gave time for me to socialize and strengthen my networks around the world, and to create new ones.

My dance has improved significantly, with the addition of some new knowledge, I plan on taking it as far as my body allows.  

Without a proper job I can survive doing odds and ends that I may not like, but with a powerful love, my passion for success, I believe the future is bright.  Surrounding myself with loving people, and driven individuals, I know I can magnetize the type of future that will bring me a balanced happiness.

Kyle: I Am Now Finding a Whole New Sense of Opportunity, Chasing Love
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Kyle 'Too Tall' Strauts

I'm proud of my ability to convey musical understanding through dance to people of all ages, as well as the ability to keep it fun and enticing.