KyleThis is the sound that I would like to announce to the world that is defining the ‘layer’ of residue, that I call the education system.  This month has felt very laborious trying to finish my professional development courses–the final chapter in completing the school system and becoming a teacher.  I have been dreaming and yearning for more time and diligence with my art, but injuries and other obligations have held it out of reach as of late.  On the bright side I have spent much more time contemplating how I would like to progress as a person, and an artist.  I feel I have a lot of energy to share and in this beautiful summer weather, it’s the perfect time to burst into action.  These next months will be full of adventures, risks, and dance journeys.  August will be the start of my next formula.


Kyle: On the Start of His Next Formula
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Kyle 'Too Tall' Strauts

I'm proud of my ability to convey musical understanding through dance to people of all ages, as well as the ability to keep it fun and enticing.
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