I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions. Couldn’t tell you why! It’s just never been a tradition that’s seeped into my family. But this is (once again) a New Year. More than that, it’s 2015. A nice, round number. So I figure, “Ok, let’s give this a shot!” And here I am, putting it in writing, so that there’s a testament out there holding me accountable.

But what do I resolve to do…

Around this time of year, Facebook is of course flooded with these proclamations. I’ve been browsing–not looking to steal, but just looking for inspiration. All I’m finding is the usual: live healthy, laugh lots and love freely.

AbsoLUTely nothing wrong with that! I mean really, what more could you ask for out of life?

Maybe a successful career, but I don’t know if that qualifies for artists. At least not in the traditional sense.

Sam Kamras ReadingI could resolve to find more creativity and inspiration in my life, but I don’t know how to do that except to go out and live, you know? You never know what you’ll find inspiration in. My most inspiring moments are sitting solo in a coffee shop, by a window, phone tucked away and only pen and paper on the table. How cliche does that sound… but really! With nothing to do but stare out the window and write, I’m always astonished at what pops into my mind.

But I do that on a regular basis… that old romantic soul in me demands it.

So I’m browsing, browsing, scrolling through my news feed… and then I find this: 49 NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS FOR TWENTYSOMETHINGS.

Although not exclusively for twentysomethings, I went through this list with my mother and she found it inspiring too. I am also proud to say that there are quite a few I’m already well versed in! But. Some stand out as things I’d like to try…

3. Learn to shrug things off more often. Let 2015 be the year of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

I stress about things. A lot. Unnecessarily so. WHY?! There’s no need for it. Things happen and immediately they become part of your past. Some situations can be mended or improved upon, but others can’t and I need to learn to recognize that and stop dwelling. You know, even in classes, if I get a note on my performance I’ll over analyze it and become self-conscious. How ridiculous is that. I’m in school. I’m meant to be learning. I need to stop feeling the need to be on point all the time. Just learn to relax… I’ll become a much freer artist if I learn to… well, stop thinking really. Just go out there and do it without fear of consequence.

7. Revisit places from your childhood that were memorable, whether it’s the gym you used to go for tumble tots or the pier where you ate your first ever ice cream.

Nostalgia is a very powerful thing, don’t you think? I want to learn to embrace it. I have no problem holding it when it’s positive; when I’m remembering my first kiss or what it was like to read Harry Potter for the first time. I want to embrace the scary memories too. The sad ones. My life has been good and bad, and I need to remember both to remind myself just how full it’s actually been.

11. Ride the scariest roller coaster you can think of.

I really, really love roller coasters. Time to find the biggest and the fastest and just conquer it.

14. Take a social media break.

I need to stop getting my news off of Facebook and Twitter. There’s a lot of… let’s just call it nonsense thrown in with the news that’s really important. And of course there’s the old adage of social media being a way to fritter away the day. Also true. I’ll keep Messenger so I can keep my old friends in my life, and my new friends will have to deal with making plans on the phone (like, a phone call) or in person and sticking to them. I hereby vow to do this for one month. And I will make sure to use that month productively: to read more, to explore London more, and maybe to actually get a jump start on my thesis so that I’m not rushing to finish it three hours before deadline…

17. Also, jump into a pool/the sea/a lake fully dressed this year – you’ll feel so badass.

I’ve never done it. Without any clothes on? Yea, I’ll admit to that. But with all my clothes on? Nope. Never. And who doesn’t want to feel like a badass.

22. Cry unashamedly.

I have a vision of sitting in Picadilly Circus and just sobbing without restraint. I think there’s something really brave about that! Who cares if it’s over something trivial or because of devastation. If you need to let it out then just go for it. Don’t be the courageous soul fighting back tears on the tube ride home. Don’t keep things pent up. It’s a good thing to have things affect you. You’ll come out stronger after a good cry.

Sam Kamras

27. Write someone a love letter.

How romantic! I suppose first I have to fall in love… no, wait a second. I do NOT. There are plenty of people I love in my life and I should make sure they know how I feel. I guess this one is directly opposite to the one above! Let it all out. Be overcome by love as you sit, reflect, and come to recognize just how much love you have to give.

29. Let go of the past, scribble all your worries onto a piece of paper, climb to the highest point in your city, and throw all those bits pieces of paper down. TAKE THAT PAST.

I’m going to go to Hampstead Heath. It’s this little piece of countryside in the heart of London. At the top of Parliament Hill, you can see the entire city. I’m going to climb to the top on a particularly windy day (I won’t have to wait long in England) and just let the pieces go. I’m moving forward this year. I’ll be graduating in May and for the first time, won’t be in classes. Time to face the real world. Only way to do that without tripping is to deliberately move forward.

35. Dip your toes in a sea you’ve never been to before.

This would suggest I have to travel somewhere new. Yes please! New sights, sounds and sentiments to stimulate my soul.

44. Do some crafty DIY hacks around your home to make the place more cozy.

I don’t have money to spend, and I would like to try different creative outlets. I want to channel creativity into as many mediums as possible. To be closed in to just one is almost the opposite of artistry. As open people, we need to try as many things as possible.

49. Learn to make the first move.

I’ve never been the one to volunteer. I probably still won’t be every time… baby steps! But I need to stop being afraid of failure and judgement. I’m thinking back to every moment I’ve be scared or doubtful, like when I auditioned in my first year of university for the autumn production ofImportance of Being Earnest. I almost didn’t. “I don’t feel like it,” was what I told myself, but really, I can now admit it was because I was terrified of being rejected by a new community. In high school, I had been accepted by the drama kids and was one of them! In a new place, nobody knew me and would have to see some special spark to accept me. I went for it anyway, I got the part, and I found my home for the next four years. More than that, I discovered what I really want to do in life. It’s easy to remember the times that you overcame fear and came out the better for it. How many times did I say no and miss out on something truly great?

So there it is. My public vow to make changes in my life, in this the year of 2015. I guess what it boils down to is Live Healthy, Laugh Lots, Love Freely. 

Sam Kamras New Years

Sam: My resolutions include dipping my toes in the sea, writing a love letter & riding the scariest roller coaster I can think of!
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Sam Kamras

I was so encouraged to follow my creative instincts that I abandoned my plan to become a Journalist and ran to the UK to get some training. I have absolutely no regrets.