In the past month I launched a project that’s been on my mind for some time: The Highly Functional Neurotics Club, a website that hosts stories, articles and confessions about living with anxiety.

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Writing personal essays for The Creative Life Blog has really made me discover how much I enjoy non-fiction as a creative outlet, especially when it comes to talking about my own embarrassing life. I’m not always the most social person, and writing gives me the means to connect to people outside the handful of friends I see every week.

I listen to a lot of podcasts and I always find a lot of comfort in hearing people talk about their own issues with anxiety and depression. WTF with Marc Maron, Steve Agee: Uhhh… and The Mental Illness Happy Hour all frequently touch on these topics, and I always find a weird sense of comfort knowing that I’m not alone with my neuroses.

The part of my new project that excites me the most is that I have a partner that I’m collaborating with – Amelia de Boer, who is my neurotic soul mate. She and I have been messaging each other for the past six months, exchanging tales of woe and unfortunate hilarity, and we decided we wanted to reach out to others to hopefully create an accepting and positive presence online.

We are inviting anyone who wants to contribute to our site to message us – either with your name, or anonymously.

The site address is: and our e-mail is [email protected]

Sarah: The Highly Functional Neurotics Club
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I have always been a storyteller – using my dolls as actors, writing in cramped cursive in my school notebooks and sometimes with a flashlight in the darkness to scare my sister before bedtime.
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