Confidence and self-love are two buzz words that have always bugged me a little bit. They sort of belong in that ‘easier said than done’ category. I’m not sure if I can even name the amount of times I’ve been told to be more confident, or  love myself more. But telling someone to do something is a lot different from showing them how to actually do it.

On Thursday last week, I invited two of my team members – Jeff Todd and Nicki Roberston – to do a demo workshop with me on something called The Isha System. I didn’t tell them anything about what to expect.

These were their reactions after the workshop was done.

“I’ve had this barrier around my heart – it was kind of covered in dirt and a film that I couldn’t erase – and last night really put me back into that present moment where I could feel those layers coming off…  I could start to feel my own heart beat again.” – Nicki Robertson

“Last night I  reacquainted myself with little Jeff – that little guy inside me who wants to play, and express himself. I forget all the time to be friends with that guy” –  Jeff Todd

What is the workshop?

Several weeks ago I ran into a person named Matt Schmidt in a pretty synchronistic way. I had just finished a yoga practice, and I guess our energies matched. We started talking, and I found out that he was a facilitator for something called ‘The Isha System.’ He gave me his card, and I went on my way.

A few days later I looked at his card again.  I felt like I had met him for a reason. Ever have an experience like that?

So, I sent him an email. I want to host one of your workshops, I told him. Things moved forward from there.

 The Isha system is a meditative technique for clearing the mind of the mess that clouds our vision. A long-term practice of the system will help you to experience your emotions more acutely, and experience the world in a freer way.

What might resonate with you about this system

  • The system is about personal transformation, and finding the courage to embrace change. The practice is also about self-love – only in a way that I could personally FINALLY understand.
  • Matt Schmidt, the facilitator of this event, is down to earth. He doesn’t portray himself as someone who knows all the answers (I’ve personally always been drawn to this quality in people). In my initial meeting with him, he talked quite openly about his own struggles, and shared what the Isha System had done for him. I was inspired.
  • It involves meditation in a way that finally makes sense. After just one session, I personally understood the potential of practice, and how it could help me to grow as a person in a very real way. Maybe you’ll feel the same way.

I felt a little nervous at the beginning of the demo. I kept looking over at Nicki and Jeff to gauge their reactions. And then it happened. A click. Everyone relaxed. Deep breaths. Tears. The beginnings of breakthroughs. A clear change in perception and the way all three of us looked at the world.

Yesterday I actually did an hour long practice of the system. I NEVER thought that I’d ever be able to sit still for an entire hour… but I did it. And I’m going to do it again today.

Do any of these points resonate with you? 

Learn more about their upcoming workshop August 16th 9-5:30am

What Exactly is the Isha System?
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